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Shehzad Technical AC & Home Appliance Repairing Services
Repairing and Installation Services
Shehzad Technical Repairing Services is one of the largest and fastest-growing full service appliances repair company in Sharjah UAE. Our Services are AC Split Repairing, Air Conditioner Maintenance, Washing Machine Installation & Repairing. Call Us 24/7 at 0564277786 for Quick AC Repair and installation in Dubai, Sharjah and Ajman

We service all types and brands of home appliances and commercial equipment. Our technicians are clean, fully trained and professional and provide repair service you can rely on! We have been in Air Condition and Electronics repair services and maintenance business in UAE Since 2010. Good price for all. We get things done at shortest possible time.

It was obviously a humble beginning for us with limited resources but through our perspiration, determination and adherence to professionalism and ethics, our growth was in fact by leap and bounds. As of now, we are the regular hunts for customers from homes, apartments and villas. Our expert technicians reaching your home are knowledgeable about any likely issues and the task gets finished with perfection within unimaginably shortest time period. The staff reaching you is highly professional and friendly in approach so that you will be kept comfortable throughout the working. You can reach us for any installation, repair or maintenance services. We offer you best services at most nominal rates.

Home tech is your partners to support you in all kinds of requirements with Home appliances. Home tech was started by Professionals who have worked extensively in the Service, Installation & Support Industry of Home appliances in the UAE. They are familiar with the issues in the Sector and have thorough knowledge about all products of international Brands in the field of home appliances. The company is registered in Dubai and has service center in AL Yarmook Behind Labour Office Sharjah UAE.
Shehzad Technical Service of AC, Washing Machine and Repairing and Installation
AC & Washing Machine Repairing Services
AC & Washing Machine Repairing Services

AC, Washing Machine & Fridge Installation, Repairing and Services

► Dryer & Dish Washer repairing service
► AIR-CONDITIONERS (AC). All Kinds Repairing
► Central A/c, Duct A/c &Chiller works Service & Repair. We Fix All Brands
► Windows A/c,Split Unit Installation & Maintenance Annual Contract Installation works, Window AC split AC central AC (AMC) for Labour comp Annual Contract with Cheap rates We Have second hand Air-conditioners
► Windows AC Repairing and Installation Services
► Split AC Repairing and Installation Services
► Refrigerator Repairing and Installation Services
► Dishwasher Fixing & Repairing Services
► Hobs and hoods/Oven/Ranges/Stoves (gas and electric)
► Water Heaters Repairing Services
► All other Home Appliances Repairing Services
► Plumbing & Sanitary
► Painting Jobs
► Water Heater Fixing and Repairing

Whats We Can Do
AC & Washing Machine Repairing Services
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